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Migration TAXBRJ to TAXBRA

Many project details related to processes and taxes are not documented due to the large number of exceptions in each SAP client.

Currently, we have to worry about the Tax, Accounting, Pis/Cofins SPEDs. Not to mention the news that are coming like NFE 10.0 and the SPED of HR that should soon generate some more noise.
Even with all this, some companies err on the basics, they don't think about the infrastructure for all that is TAXBRA. Some companies insist on using TAXBRJ with the excuse that they have not yet seen the advantages of migrating to TAXBRA. I don't know if you noticed, but SAP, for some years now, has been releasing solutions for
for those who have TAXBRA and after a certain time, for those who have TAXBRJ. Some industry solutions such as OIL & GAS, used by Petrobras and other oil companies are in the final stage of localization for TAXBRA.

And we all know that the details for the total completion of all branches at TAXBRA are very close. Just check the large number of recent SAP notes on the subject. As well as the large number of OIL & GAS enhencements that SAP has been fitting into the Brazilian localization programs.

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