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AMS (Application Management Services) is much more than IT support. It is a complete customer support service, which avoids operational bottlenecks, reduces response time and offers a team fully focused on the day-to-day care of your company. In this way, in addition to having centralized and efficient management to support the application and infrastructure of SAP systems, you open up space for your IT team to assume a truly strategic role in business development.

With AMS, you have a team of more than 150 professionals, with experience and in-depth knowledge of SAP products, and care for your operation and the reality of your business. And the service is totally flexible: you can set up shared or dedicated teams, with remote or face-to-face service, all sized exactly the way your company needs.

The contracting of the AMS is modular. You hire the resources you need. And the value is scaled by the number of calls, and not by the number of hours of service provided. If, by chance, you need additional services, the value of these calls on demand will be defined in advance.

In this way, service costs are predictable and transparent. You are never scared by unexpected expenses and extra consulting hours to solve a problem. And the service can easily scale by adapting the AMS package as your business grows, with more features or a higher anticipated number of engagements. The result is much more productivity, with total flexibility in service.

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