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Localization Brazil

Localization Brazil assumes the challenges related to our tax area, which are perhaps the most relevant, since this aspect is one of the most important, since without the correct collection of taxes, a company does not operate in our market.

Therefore, in the Brazil Localization process, understanding the basic functioning of Brazilian legislation regarding the collection of taxes is fundamental and requires special attention from the teams that are monitoring the rollout project. After all, it is not just about meeting the standards of the company's country of origin, but also adapting the system for operation in Brazil.

The Brazilian tax authorities require the issuance of invoices of different models, which is one of the biggest challenges of rollout projects. It does not stop there. In addition to the requirements of the national tax authorities, there are local, state and municipal requirements, which considerably increases this complexity. Tax issues are different from one state to another, not to mention the specificities of each city hall regarding the ISS.

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