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SAP Security

Ensuring the security of SAP information, therefore, means ensuring the protection of all data circulating through the company's system. For this, you need to think about some points.

See what they are below:

  • Infrastructure: it is necessary to evaluate the software and hardware that support the system to guarantee data security. Does the antivirus used have integration with SAP? How is Wi-Fi secured to ensure that when in transit the data is safe
  • Segregation of duties: SAP integrates data from all departments in the company and at all levels. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the access authority so that certain data are accessed by authorized professionals;
  • Training: employees are your front line. They are the ones who operate the system on a daily basis and deal with different levels of sensitive data. To ensure there is no misuse, time training on best security practices is needed. In other words, it is necessary to prioritize the creation of strong passwords, not sharing passwords and actions to prevent attacks that use social engineering;
  • Peripheral applications: it is common for SAP to be connected to peripheral applications. It is also necessary to think about how this connection will be made and what are the protection measures of these applications to guarantee that the data, which travels between the two systems, is safe;
  • Compliance: finally, it is necessary to think about compliance with regulatory laws that seek to prevent fraud and financial deviations within companies.
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