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There are several possible ways to acquire a specialist tax solution for SAP. They may have differences in their way of integration, updates, technology in general, ease of use, among many other possibilities that make them more advantageous or not for your company. Here we will focus on 2 of the most relevant points, namely the form of integration and the routine updates of the solution.

At this point we can some types of solution:

Tax solution “embedded” in SAP

This modality involves a ready-made solution, developed in the SAP language (ABAP), and installed together with SAP.

The advantage is that the solution is installed in SAP, having a specific transaction to be accessed.

The disadvantages are that it demands the same computational resources that SAP already uses. Imagine you processing SPED Fiscal, ECD and the entire financial closing at the same time, in addition to the entire routine of the company together (entries, exits, sales, etc.). There is a high chance that one of these processes will be compromised and slower right?

Customized Tax Solution in SAP

A solution developed in a customized way in SAP involves the development thought specifically for a company, carried out by a consultancy and its developers.

As an advantage, we can highlight that the solution will be very adherent to the company's process (or at least it should be) since all its details were designed to meet the company's demands.

As a main disadvantage we can highlight the maintenance process of this solution. As is known, the tax sector undergoes constant changes due to the process of evolution of tax legislation. New obligations and changes to existing ones are constant. Because the solution is not effectively maintained by the software supplier, but by a consulting team, it must be adapted to each legal change, leading the company to incur severe costs depending on the scenario, consequently spending more at the end of the bills.

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