By Vottax at 16 de Junho de 2023

Light security and automation for the management of the tax sector!

The Mastersaf DW evolved and now is ONESOURCE Tax One! With this transformation, it is possible to bring more agility with automation and cutting-edge technology to the processes of its tax sector, in addition to reducing risks and errors.

By migrating between the aforementioned softwares, your company will be one step ahead, as it has the difference of working with the only tax solution with analytics. The integration of ONESOURCE Tax Intelligence, contributed to the decision-making by transforming raw data into predictive and prescriptive insights.

Reasons to migrate now for ONESOURCE Tax One

  • Robust architecture, central repository and automated processes for greater flexibility without data consumption like ERP, with zero loss of data and insights;
  • Possibility of growth and change of the professional profile from operational to strategic;
  • Optimization and automation of manual processes with fiscal RPA, allowing more time to analyze strategic reports;
  • Partnership with AWS and specialization in cloud solutions;
  • Support for many users within the platform;
  • ONESOURCE Tax One is prepared to work with large volumes, having moved more than 7 billion of registered records and 2 billion of fiscal notes.

Learn about the benefits of migrating Mastersaf DW software for the new ONESOURCE Tax One solution

  Predictability in expenses Implementation Technology Security Coverage Integration
CLOUD  Usage-based payment method, no surprises Safe and efficient transition with a team that minimizes impacts on daily life Software through the cloud, Eliminates IT assistance and considerably reduces errors. Thanks to automatic backups, it is possible to recover lost or deleted information, in addition to protection against information leakage. It complies with Brazilian tax legislation at the Municipal, State and Federal levels. The solution can be coupled with other services, thinking about facilitating the other processes of the corporation.
ON PREMISE Constant maintenance and updates require hours of work and energy. Longer time for configuration of system modules. Requires training for employees and increased risk of human error. Data and information under direct protection of the company. Availability according to predefined package. The solution cannot be integrated with other services.

Confirm the deposits that you have migrated to Mastersaf DW for the ONESOURCE Tax One!

"Since March we are in the home office and now I have no access problem with ONESOURCE Tax One, regardless of the connection of each professional. I guarantee a certain comfort for my time." Allan Lima (Head of Tax of Jaguar Land Rover Latin America and the Caribbean)                                

 "O ONESOURCE Tax One generates a focus on the company's core due to the benefits that SaaS technology traces." Marcos Marchi (Manager of Internal Systems Brazil da Indra)

We at Vottax together with Thomson Reuters, guarantee with this SaaS solution data protection verified by ISO 270001 certification and specialized support!


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